Study Commissions

Work of the StuKo

The study commission (StuKo) of a program is the advising committee of the Enlarged Faculty Council for the field of teaching in the respective program. It works out proposals for the further development and improvement of the course and the course contents. The examination regulations and the necessary changes in examination regulations are initiated by the study commission. The study commission also decides about the courses offered in the upcoming semester.

Another task of StuKo is to decide on the distribution of decentralised quality assurance resources (QSM).

All decisions, however, must be approved by the Enlarged Faculty Council.

The Department of Computer Science currently has 2 study commissions:

Study Commission Computer Science & Software Technology
The study commission Computer Science and Software Technology is responsible for the German programs
  • Computer Science (Bachelor, Master and Diploma),
  • Software Technology (Bachelor, Master and Diploma),
  • Media Informatics (Bachelor) as well as for
  • the English Master program Computer Science.

» Protokolle der Sitzungen (only in German)

Study Commission
Computational Linguistics
The study commission Computational Linguistics is responsible for the German programs
  • Computational Linguistics (Diplom),
  • Natural Language Processing (Bachelor) as well as for
  • the English Master program Computational Linguistics.

» Website of the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS)


Who is part of the StuKo?

The Chairperson of the study commission is the student dean. The current student dean is Professor Dr. Stefan Funke.

Other members are elected professors, elected representatives of non-professional teaching staff and elected student representatives. Permanent guests in the study commission are the study course manager and the departmental advisor of the course.