Welcome Reception - 2016/11/02

The Welcome Reception for our international students took place on November 2nd 2016 at the foyer of the department of computer science. After several welcome adresses and introductions to the Master's study program, students, professors and guests joined the reception for some snacks and some meet and greet.

Here are some impressions:

Note: These pictures aren't supposed to insult or expose someone or violate his personality rights. If you see a picture of yourself and want it to be deleted, just send us an  and we will take care of it.

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Science Day – 06/18/2016

Science Day at the University of Stuttgart was – like every year – a big success. Thousands of people visited the campus and the exhibition booths at the Department for Computer Science and Software Technology.

We presented some of our newest research projects and everyone was invited to ask questions about our work and the many different study programs. Children and grown-ups could both experience the world of computer science at first-hand, for example by steering a virtual boat only through motion control or having a virtual race through simple finger movements on a smartphone.

At the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems visitors could gaze at the impressive 44-megapixel Powerwall, consisting of ten individual video projectors. You could get your new haircut simulated by our virtual haircutter and just after a short calibration you could control a whole video game only with your eye movement.

The museum for computer history showed parts of its exhibition, like one of the first computers of the university from 1957 or different game consoles from the 70s and 80s.

Just some of the many things you could experience at the faculty of Computer Science and Software Technology. Everyone who wants to come back and everyone who didn’t make it this year: Next year, in the summer of 2017, we once again open our doors and present our work and our futuristic ideas to the public. Soon you will find more information about the date and the program.

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We have compiled information on these pages on the events by the Faculty of Computer Science and Software Technology that we offer in addition to our normal teaching or events in which we participate. You are cordially invited to find out more about these various offers. These include:

Graduation Ceremony

The annual graduation ceremony for the computer science programs at which our last year’s graduates are honoured and receive their Bachelor’s, Master’ or Diploma certificates. The completed post-doctoral degrees and habilitations are also presented here.

First semester introduction

The first semester introduction for our new Bachelor students at the beginning of each winter semester, that is organised by our very dedicated student body, that bears the main responsibility.

» Read Information of the Student Body

Holiday Academy

The holiday academy for our students to apply and develop knowledge.
» Mehr (Only in German)



The Girls’ Day at the University of Stuttgart, on which we would like to inspire enthusiasm in girls to study in the computer science or software field.

» Girls Day an der Universität Stuttgart (Only in German)


The "Informatik-Tag" for pupils who are potentially interested in studying in our faculty where information, lectures and workshops are given, showing what computer science, software technology and the study program itself has to offer. 
» Mehr (Only in German)

Visiting schools

Students come to your school and provide information on the subject of computer science and software technology as well as career prospects.
 » Mehr (Only in German)



Tag der Wissenschaft

The "Tag der Wissenschaft", on which the institutes from the various faculties present their research findings university-wide with the intention of making science tangible for non-scientists.

» Tag der Wissenschaft an der Universität Stuttgart (Only in German)


The "Uni-Tag", on which all study programs from the university are presented to the pupils in the Abitur (school leaving) classes in order to provide support in the forthcoming choice of studies.

» Uni-Tag an der Universität Stuttgart (Only in German)


Workshops for highschool students and teachers in the field of computer science.
» Mehr (Only in German)


Lectures and colloquia

by guest researchers and speakers from industry and business