Application procedure

General information about the application for a Master program at the University of Stuttgart can be found on the web pages of the University. Please notice that if any document is missing, your application will be rejected due to formal mistakes.

The MSc Computer Science requests each applicant to fill in an additional application form. This additional form provides necessary information for the admissions committee to evaluate your qualification for the MSc Computer Science. In this form you enter

  • the study profile you want to apply for
  • the courses from your Bachelor program that support your qualification for the selected profile (including the corresponding credits and the grades your received)
  • the courses from your Bachelor program (including the corresponding credits and the grades your received) that support your theoretical as well as your practical background knowledge which may be relevant for the Master Computer Science.

The application has to be done vis the online portal C@mpus. The portal will open approximately one and a half month previous to the application deadline. Please notice that all documents have to be uploaded. No written applications are accepted anymore.

Application Deadline

Admission to the MSc Computer Science is possible for the winter semester and for the summer semester. The application deadlines are as follows:

  • Application deadline for the winter semester (starting in October): 15 January
  • Application deadline for the summer semester (starting in April in the following year): 15 July

All questions concerning the progress of your application have to be addressed to the admissions office of the University of Stuttgart.

More information can be found in our collection of frequently asked questions.