Autonomous Systems in Computer Science

Autonomous Systems can assist humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes and have already become a substantial part of our everyday life with learning spam filters, learning recommender systems on commercial websites and trading algorithms. Most major IT companies like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo have already setup large Machine Learning research departments to remain competitive in the commercial exploitation of large scale user data. Automotive industry is pressing research on autonomous cars. Energy industry investigates into smart grids and intelligent power units to autonomously decide on energy consumption, production and storage. The fact that industrial products are no more static solutions but adaptive, reactive and able to learn from humans and the enormous data available requires a transitional change in the needed technologies. In the future, autonomous systems will be integrated in most hardware systems that are able to learn to fulfil flexible tasks in everyday life and industrial environments. The Major in Autonomous Systems in Computer Science combines education in machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision making & planning and robotics based on technical systems with sensors & actuators, hardware and software systems as well as parallel and distributed computing resources.

With various lectures in the field of:

  • Theory of Autonomous Systems
  • Sensors and Hardware Systems
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Embedded Systems

this major covers the entire field of autonomous systems in theory and practice thus provides an excellent opportunity for specialization within the international Computer Science master's program.