Service Technology and Engineering

Services play an increasingly important role in society, and more and more businesses are rooted in, and shaped by, this idea. The service sector makes up the largest part of the national economies in most high-wage countries. Enterprises gain competitive advantages by offering services, and they join forces with other providers in order to deliver competitive products and services. The goal of this study program in Service Technology and Engineering is to provide the scientific and technological foundations of services, to enable people to conduct research in the services field, as well as to train them in the design and maintenance of service-oriented platforms and solutions. This program conducts rigorous research on models, theories, technologies and applications, thereby building the basis for future service provision that allows organizations to create added value for customers and shareholders. A unification of theories and methods from IT-related disciplines is required to address the analysis, design, construction, monitoring, testing and evolution of services in general and service networks in particular.

Next-generation service engineers need a deep insight into service orientation as well as trans disciplinary thinking. This program addresses these dimensions by organizing its education program along service technologies for the entire service lifecycle as well as along important application domains. This allows graduates to play a leading role in driving the evolution of the service economy through innovation.

The program tightly integrates important disciplines of computer science, ranging from formal methods to service technology to software engineering. It targets application domains such as mobility, communication, product design, and production design.