Registration for (Advanced) Seminars and Lab Courses

Each semester the department of Computer Science offers a variety of seminars, advanced seminars and lab courses / practical courses. The registration for these courses always takes place in the preceding semester via ILIAS. Hints as to who can attend what kind of course can be found below on this page. Please note that students are not allowed to attend more than one course from each of the 3 offered kinds of courses. An exeption is made for the Master students Informatik and Softwaretechnik: they ara allowed to attend up to two advanced seminars in the same semester.

The registration for all these courses for the students from our English Master programs Computer Science and Information Technology takes place in the ILIAS repository under "International Degree Programs" → "INFOTECH" → "Lehrveranstaltungen SS 17". There are the courses "Registration for Advanced seminars / Laboratory courses offered in the winter term 2017/18". These courses are available so that you can register there already. Please do the registration in these directories already before the start of the registration. The registration for German Bachelor and Master programs is carried out in a different portal. 

The registration starts on Thursday, July 6th 2017 in the following order:

  1. for advanced seminars from 13:20
  2. for lab courses from 13:30 Uhr

Registration is closed on Monday, July 10th 2017 at 08:00 a.m. There will be no re-registration phase! Please note that a seat on a waiting list is no guarantee for a place in one of the courses. However, until the start of the semester it is possible thatone student from a waiting list may get a seat in the course because of the de-registration of other students. After the registration is closed the lecturers will receive the candidate lists and get in contact with the participants to speak about meetings and the topics. Please check the web pages or the pdfs of the call of each course (if available) for additional information.

Important information
  • The exam registration has to be done by the students during the exam registration period in the winter semester. You have to register for the advanced seminar in your program and select the correct examiner. He / she is mentioned on the call of the course.
  • A de-registration from any of the courses is only possible until the end of the exam registration period and only after informing the lecturer about it. Any later de-registrations lead to a "fail" in the course.

If you have further questions please contact:

Dr. Katrin Schneider
Universitätsstraße 38, 70569 Stuttgart
Telefon   0711/685-88520

Course offerings for the winter term 2017/18

Advanced seminars are courses for Master students. Here is the list of English courses offered in the respective semester:
  1. Multifield Visualization PDF Ertl / Frey (Prerequisites: successful completion of a seminar is required (or a comparable course where a talk has been given); previous participation in the “Scientific Visualization” lecture is desired (but not mandatory), Sprache: Englisch
  2. Advanced Data Engineering PDF Herschel ( Knowledge of the subjects addressed in the Data Engineering or Information Integration lecture (or equivalent) are required.), Sprache: Englisch
  3. Advanced Topics in Data Management PDF Mitschang / Schwarz (Basic knowledge on database systems and information systems, e.g. from lecture "Modellierung".); Sprache: Englisch
  4. Ensuring functional safety: from manufacturing test to in-the-field system integration PDF Wunderlich / Rodriguez Gomez
Laboratory courses are only obligatory in the INFOTECH program. For all other students this is an additional offer which can be chosen as an elective (but not more than 2 labcourses in one Master program). Here is the list of the English course proposals:
  1. Lab Course Computer Communications: Software-defined Networking PDF Dürr (recommended prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer networks (OSI model; Internet protocols like IP, TCP/UDP, ARP) - Programming languages: Java or C/C++, Python), Language: Englisch
  2. Practical Course Visual Computing PDF Ertl / Frieß / Schatz / Rau (Programming skills in C/C++ are mandatory. You should also have heard the Computer Graphics lecture or you should have a minimum understanding of OpenGL and Linear Algebra.), Language: English; This course is not designed for the INFOTECH curriculum.
  3. Practical Course Interaktive Systems: Machine Learning for Intelligent Mobile User In-terfaces using TensorFlow PDF Henze / Le / Mayer (prerequisites: basic understanding of machine learning and human-computer interaction), Language: Englisch
  4. Practical Course Information Systems PDF Mitschang / Schwarz (Prerequisites: Basic knowledge on database systems and information systems is required. The first meeting will be in KW42. The date will be published on the web page.), Language: Englisch