Enlarged Faculty Council 

The Department of Computer Science is part of Faculty 5 "Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology". Correspondingly, all computer science professors are also members of the Enlarged Faculty Council of Faculty 5.

The Faculty Council is the most important committee in the Faculty. It is established in all faculties in the form of the Enlarged Faculty Council. This comprises the deanery, all (other) professors from the faculty, 9 students, 3 representatives from non-professional teaching staff (scientific service) and a representative from engineering and management.

The Enlarged Faculty Council is responsible for:

  • giving advice in all matters of fundamental significance concerning the faculty
  • granting consent on the structure and development plans of the faculty
  • granting consent on forming, changing and cancelling institutes from the faculty
  • granting consent on the study and examination regulations in the faculty
  • making proposals to occupy an appointments commission to appoint a new professor
  • granting consent on the appointment proposal of the appointments commission.

The current members of the Enlarged Faculty Council of Faculty 5 can be found on

Examination Committees

The examination committee (PA) of a study program deals with all decisions regarding examination matters apart from evaluating examinations. Furthermore, it monitors the adherence to examination regulations and advises the Rector in matters of objections. The examination committee comprises members of the professorate, non-professional teaching staff as well as a student, who is, however, not entitled to vote but merely has an advisory role.

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Study Commissions

The study commission (StuKo) of a program is the advising committee of the Enlarged Faculty Council for the field of teaching in the respective program. The study commission works out proposals for the further development and improvement of the course and the course contents. The examination regulations and the necessary changes in examination regulations are initiated by the study commission. Another task of StuKo is to decide on the distribution of decentralised quality assurance resources (QSM). All decisions, however, must be approved by the Enlarged Faculty Council.

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