Formvorgaben für Abschlussarbeiten

The thesis has to be bound by using the covers that you receive in the office of the secretary of your examiner. Additionally, the spine of the thesis has to be made of black linen bound with cold glue. The front cover has to be protected by a stiff transparent sheet.

Cold glue needs some time for drying an hardening. Thus please make sure that the binding process starts at least one day previous to the deadline of the thesis.

The title page has to have the following content:

Study Program: «Study program»
Examiner: «Name of the examiner»
Advisor: «Name of the advisor»
Starte date: «Starting date of the thesis»
End date: «Final date of the thesis»


In the window of the front cover the following things should occur:

Bachelor/Master Thesis
«T o p i c»
«Name of the student»

The last page has to include the following statement:

I hereby declare that the work presented in this thesis is entirely my own. I did not use any other sources and references that the listed ones. I have marked all direct or indirect statements from other sources contained therein as quotations. Neither this work nor significant parts of it were part of another examination procedure. I have not published this work in whole or in part before.
The electronic copy is consistent with all submitted copies.

«date, signature»


An example for the front page can be found here. An example for the personal statement which has to occur on the last page can be found here. The old example for the front page which includes the CR classification that is not required anymore can be found here.