Prüfungsausschuss Computer Science / Examinations board Computer Science

The examination board is responsible for all issues concerning exams
and the exam regulations -- for students already enrolled in the program.
Questions and requests should be sent to .

Please use the following forms for special requests to the examination board MSc CS
(to be printed, signed and handed in to Ms. Anstein, see below):

  • request for the approval of elective modules
  • for requests with special reasons and without forms available (e.g. deadline extensions), include
    • Last name, first name
    • matriculation number
    • degree program, major and semester
    • postal address, email address
    • current transcript
  • de-registration of modules/exams
    • online via C@MPUS; if not possible, use C@MPUS form or download the form here
      (hand in signed original to Ms. Anstein)
    • for oral exams, also immediately inform your examiner(s)

Master's thesis (handled by the secretaries of your examiners):

  • download registration form, fill in first paragraph and have it signed by the central examination office
  • with this registration form, fill in this contract (available in German; non-binding information sheet in English) with the secretary of your examiner
  • get official cover pages from secretary
    (at least 1 week before planned hand-in; you need to consider 1 day for getting the thesis finished in the copy shop)
  • find formal guidelines and template here
  • link to a checklist and more information (if you need help with translations, ask Ms. Anstein;
    a CR classification is not necessary any more
  • define a date for your oral presentation of the thesis with your examiner before or shortly after hand-in
  • hand in final versions (4 identical casebound copies; 1 is for yourself), an electronic version (CD only with PDF of the thesis text and an abstract in TXT format; please adhere it into 1 of the copies) and 2 additional title pages to the secretary of your examiner;
    make sure via email that s/he is available, otherwise you need someone else to confirm your hand-in on time
  • after submission, please make sure that you visit the examination office to fill in your "degree request"
  • NB: you may also hand in the thesis earlier than the defined date;
    please consider that a deadline extension is only possible with grave reasons (request to examination board via email address above)



The head of the examination board is
Prof. Dr. Melanie Herschel.

  • Office: Universitätsstraße 38, Room 2.447
  • Consultation hours: by appointment



All formal requests to the examination board have to be sent to

She is also responsible for any questions regarding the Computer Science program.

  • Office: Pfaffenwaldring 5b, room 1.006
  • Consultation hours and availability: see homepage


Questions regarding applications can be sent to the program manager

  • Office: Universitätsstraße 38, Room 1.416
  • Consultation hours: any time (short questions) or else by appointment


Examination regulations

The examination regulations for the Master Computer Science can be found on the Bologna pages of the University. At the moment they are available in German only; a non-binding information sheet is available here; a non-binding English version is linked here.