How to contact us?

Department of Computer Science
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart

Phone    +49 (0) 0711/685-0

All questions related to the course of study are answered by

Study Course Manager
Dr. Katrin Schneider

Phone   +49 (0) 711/685-88520

All questions related to public relations are answered by

David Rohnert

Phone   +49 (0) 711/685-88522


By car

If you are travelling by car, please follow these signposts.

By public transport

If you arrive at the main Stuttgart railway station by train, take the S-Bahn (city train) S1 (direction Herrenberg), S2 or S3 (direction Filderstadt or Airport) until the »University« stop (approx. 15 minutes). You can find the relevant S-Bahn timetable here. The Computer Science building is located between the exits of the S-Bahn station.

Please observe that by taking a long-distance DB train, your ticket includes the journey up to the university. With a so-called city ticket the journey between the main railway station and the university is included on the day of arriving and on the day of departure. In the tariff system of VVS (Stuttgart linked transport system) you will need a ticket for two zones coming from the inner city.

By plane

Travel from Stuttgart Airport by S-Bahn S2 (direction Schorndorf) or S3 (direction Backnang) up to the »University« stop (approx. 15 minutes).


The Computer Science building is located between the exits of the S-Bahn station


Contact to the Institutes

The Department of Computer Science comprises 8 institutes, each of which has its own contact person. These can be found on the web pages of the respective institute.

Most institutes from the Department of Computer Science are located in the main Computer Science building on the University Campus in Vaihingen. However, there are also institutes or departments of the faculty located in the buildings Pfaffenwaldring 47 as well as Pfaffenwaldring 5a and 5b. Directions to these addresses can be found on the pages of the institute located there.

» List of Instituts