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The Graduate School for advanced Manufacturing Engineering, in brief GSaME, is a facility created in the framework of the Excellence Initiative, offering postgraduates the opportunity to do their doctorates in an innovative and interdisciplinary environment. GSaME derived from a cooperation of 31 professors from 18 institutes, also included various institutes from the Department of Computer Science.

The objective is, on the one hand, to create a cross-faculty postgraduate study program that offers an interdisciplinary education that is oriented towards the current challenges of a global market and work environment. On the other hand, synergies on scientific further development of the manufacturing engineering are to be used in this cooperative, cross-faculty research climate.

Factories of the next generation

GSaME is a central facility of the university with its own self-administration, administration regulations and management structures. The scientific education expresses the autonomy through the right to do a postgraduate, an individual selection process and the postgraduate program especially developed for GSaME.

The paradigm of the aME (advanced Manufacturing Engineering) for “Factories of the next generation” is the core of the education concept. For this purpose existing technologies but also new inno¬vative approaches are to be developed further in a scientific and practical way.

Besides the theoretical training, sound practical knowledge is also to be acquired in the GSaME. For this purpose theoretical blocks are exchanged with practical application phases based on universities of applied science and universities of cooperative education. This tried and tested dual scientific education system is not only intended to provide the opportunity of creating own research work but also of promoting an orientation towards industrial applicability.

National and international cooperation partners from industry and research round off the spectrum of the training offer at GSaME.

Five main elements are characteristic for the Graduate School GSaME:

  1. Thematically tailored lectures and seminars
  2. The learning factory for aME as an innovative training, research and test environment for research tasks with physical and digital tools
  3. The research projects in a collaborative supervision and mentoring environment
  4. Best-Practice-Industrial internships
  5. International orientation for a high added value

You can find much more detailed information on the Graduate School at the Website of GSaME.