Cluster of Excellence in Simulation Technology - SimTech

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The Cluster of Excellence in Simulation Technology, in brief SimTech, is a facility of the University of Stuttgart created in the framework of the excellence initiative.

The Excellence Cluster SimTech is integrated in the Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technology for the period of its funding.

The Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technology (SRC SimTech) provides a platform for the efficient and comprehensive further development of scientific methods and applications in all fields of modelling and simulation sciences. This also incorporates the Graduate School GS SimTech and the elite study program “Simulation Technology“ on a Bachelor and Master level.

Simulation Technology

Simulation Technology has been indispensible for decades in the research of complex natural scientific and engineering phenomena as well as in the life and sciences and humanities. The progress in the techniques for modelling and simulation and also in the field of hardware and software component design has contributed towards identifying innovative synergies between scientists and the computer scientists. In the framework of the Excellence Cluster SimTech the focus is placed on the development of methods, techniques and IT support. The simulation approaches and IT infrastructures isolated to date are to be brought together, i.e. integrated in order to thus develop a holistic systems science. The SimTech-Cluster comprises several research fields, such as molecular dynamics, mechanics, numerical mathematics, system analysis, data management and software integration, interactive visualisation, high-performance computing and integrative platforms of reflection and contextualisation.

Omnipresent simulations

One main objective of SimTech is to improve the IT support for simulations on the basis of an innovative and powerful IT structure. This should help the scientists to concentrate on the most important tasks in their research. One such infrastructure, also called cyber-infrastructure, comprises a network of high performance computer platforms, software programs and tools, sensor networks, memories, computer resource and data administration systems and visualisation environments. On the way to the cyber-infrastructure IT approaches for data administration and visualisation were developed in the first phase of SimTech (from 2007 to 2012) in cooperation with the SimTech natural scientists, serving the purpose of the efficiency of modelling and execution of simulations, as well as the interactive visualisation of simulations and simulation results. The cyber infrastructure is to deal with the requirements of simulation technology, such as, for example the automation of simulation processes, user-friendliness, reuseability of the simulation software and resources, efficient handing of large data quantities and data provision, longevity of simulation, interactive handling between simulations and scientists, provision of real time data from sensor networks and mobile devices for the simulations, interactive visualisation and analysis of large data quantities, that could also show uncertainties. The cyber-infrastructure should in addition be highly scalable and provide a dynamic resource and data administration.

You can find further information on the SimTech Homepage.