IBM Technology Partnership Lab

The Technology Partnership Lab (TPL) is part of the Cooperative Research Campus of the University of Stuttgart. As an association of scientific facilities and companies, its purpose is to promote and research technologically relevant and particularly promising fields of information technology and ensuring the transfer of research results in practice. Furthermore, current and relevant practical topics are to be prepared in cooperation with industry and integrated in a targeted way in existing courses. These targets are to be achieved, among other things, through:

  • implementing and/or coordinating joint research projects and the application to national and international funding programs for research projects

  • developing Best Practices in scientific work and providing test laboratories to develop trial scenarios as well as implementing evaluation processes
  • ensuring the research transfer through the collection, documentation and provision of research results, conducting events and further training measures as well as establishing partnerships and networks.
  • Together with industrial partners and networks different events and measures are offered in order to acquire pupils for a computer science study program in a targeted way.

All information on TPL like one of the projects and references on current events can be found on the Websites of the Technology Partnership Labs.