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About us

The Department of Computer Science is part of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart. Since it was founded in 1970 Stuttgart Computer Science has developed continuously to become an internationally recognised institution that is strong in research, covering large areas of modern computer science.

This diverse topic and research spectrum is due to the large number of institutes in which professors and numerous other scientists research and teach.

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Studying Computer Science

Besides research, teaching is the most important task of the Department of Computer Science, i.e. conveying knowledge the students require for their future professional lives. This comprises the basics just as much as the latest findings in research.

The large range in the faculty is also evident in the number of study programs offered here. At present there are four Bachelor’s and four Master’s degree programs. Added to this is a strong commitment in teaching for a teaching degree program as well as for two further Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

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