Exchange programs

Spending a semester at a university abroad is an experience you will surely frequently look back on in your later life. Not only will you learn to express yourself in a different language and to adjust to a foreign culture but you will also be confronted with very different teaching and learning methods. Not acquiring these experiences until you are working but already as a student is something the Department of Computer Science would like to encourage you to do. The University offers the students from the University of Stuttgart the opportunity to spend one semester abroad as well as for international students to come to Stuttgart for a semester.

Contact persons regarding everything to do with studying abroad

General information on the exchange programs at the University of Stuttgart can be found on the pages of the Guidance for Studying Abroad at the International Center. The staff members there are gladly at your disposal to give you advice and actively support you.

Within Europe an exchange via the ERASMUS Program is a possibility: it is a funded exchange with partner universities within Europe. The various faculties at the University of Stuttgart cooperate with numerous Erasmus partner universities. Students going abroad (outgoings) must apply through a university-wide application process. To do this follow the instructions you find on the pages of the International Center. No additional application documents specific to the field of study are required.  

The Erasmus coordinator from this department will be available for the specialist and organisational support in the field of computer science and software engineering:

Dr. Katrin Schneider
Universitätsstraße 38, Raum 1.416
D-70569 Stuttgart

Telephone: +49 711 685 88520

You can find further information for students coming from abroad (incomers) here.