Bachelor’s degree programs

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart is always up-to-date in teaching: we offer courses that meet the requirements of the information technology world of today and tomorrow. Additionally, we also develop new study programs that are geared towards the job profiles of the present and the future and that will thus give our graduates the best prospects for a successful start to their professional careers – in research as well as in business.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering offers several Bachelor’s degree programs. Each of these programs teaches the basics of the respective subject in 6 semesters and the students graduate with a “Bachelor of Science". The first two semesters constitute the basic studies, the last four the academic studies. The studies are divided into compulsory and elective fields. Lectures in the compulsory field are obligatory for all students, whereas individual key aspects can be set within the elective fields. To summarize, the Bachelor’s degree program has been designed to prepare our students to start a profession.

We offer the following Bachelor’s degree programs (all in German):

This study program teaches the competences necessary to handle the huge mass of structurized and unstructurized data (big data) that occur as a result of the digitalization in all areas. After having finished the study program a data scientist has a multi-disciplinary profile of competences including sound qualtitative-statistically knowledge, computer-science-oriented knowledge as well as competences to analyze relations between data and persons, business and IT, and between data producers and data users.

The study program teaches the basics of pure computer science with all its cross-section potential. Among other things, the students learn here to formulate complex contents precisely, to deal with the new media correctly and they develop a trained capacity for abstraction.

In this study program the constructive aspect and thus the application of computer science in practice is taught. The students should already get acquainted with typical situations they may experience in their later careers through their involvement in concrete, practical work. This means that these students will leave the university with a particularly strong qualification in the field of software development and softeware processing.

This study program starts at the interface between man and machine. The subject appeals to students who, on the one hand, are interested in language and communication and, on the other hand, have the skills of structural analysis and implementation on the computer. Own personal touches in the direction of linguistics, computer science or application orientation can be given in the elective field.

Today interactive user interfaces are an integral part of many systems and machines. In order to design such systems so that they can be used intuitively and easily, system developers need a comprehensive knowledge of computer science. Additionally, broad knowledge in the field of digital media, the human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and language processing is required. This knowledge is taught in our Media Informatics program.

This study program combines computer science and business administration with each other. We offer the study program together with the University of Hohenheim. As a result of the teaching that is divided between both universities, the core competences of both institutions are ideally used.

It is also possible to study computer science for the teaching degree program at grammar schools. The Department of Computer Science is thereby responsible for the specific training, whilst the educational and didactical skills are taught by other institutes at the University of Stuttgart.

In this study program the Department of Computer Science likewise has comprehensive teaching tasks. The students on this study program are taught the basics of computer science in various seminars. Moreover, the students may take elective courses from the department.

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