Free movers / Short-term students

Free movers or also short-term students are partly members of the University of Stuttgart. They come from other universities (worldwide) and spend a part of their studies – mostly one, maximum two semesters - in Stuttgart and then return to their home universities. In principle, free movers can participate in all seminars. However, they must clarify with their home university which seminars are able to be credited after their return.

In general, interested parties require a written confirmation that a professor from the department is willing to academically support the free mover during his/her stay at the University of Stuttgart. Only with this confirmation may the interested parties apply to the admissions office as free movers.

If you are interested in being a short-term student, we require from you a statement regarding your interests specific to the studies so that an assignment to one professor can be performed and an inquiry regarding academic support made. Please send your inquiry regarding academic support and all your questions on the status of the free movers to the program manager of the Department of Computer Science.

Further information on the free mover status as well as the required documents for an application to be a free mover can be found on the pages of the International Office of the University of Stuttgart.