Master’s degree programs

With your Bachelor title you have acquired an initial degree entitling you to embark on a career. The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, however, offers the opportunity to subsequently do a Master’s degree and to expand, deepen and strengthen your knowledge and your skills. With your "Master of Science" degree, all doors in industry as well as in research will then be open to you.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering offers different Master’s degree programs. Within four semesters time you will learn to independently process scientific questions from your Master’s subject with the pertinent methods, to develop solutions and to apply your knowledge to complex situations. Master’s degree programs frequently offer scope for development when organising your curriculum. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to study one semester abroad.

We offer the following Master’s degree programs:

This Master’s degree program offers you many different profiles, from which you have to choose two. The proposed profiles comprise e.g. databases, information systems, application or computer architecture, intelligent or parallel systems, language processing, theoretical computer science or visualisation. In these subjects you will then be given a very research-oriented education that can be supplemented with various elective modules.

As in the Bachelor’s degree program, the constructive aspect and the practical sides of computer science continuously receive an emphasis in the Master’s degree. Teamwork and the practical application of what has been learnt are promoted in particular through a process analysis and a development project. This prepares graduates directly and comprehensively for a profession in software development and software processing. Through the scope for development in the selected profile and in the elective subjects, own focal points from computer science can be set depending on the student’s interest.

The Master’s degree program in Computer Science is one of our study programs taught in English. The contents are based on the Master’s degree program in Computer Science taught in German, but because of the English language this study program is especially interesting for international students. The program offers three profiles: Autonomous Systems, Service Technology and Engineering as well as Visual Computing. Within these fields compulsory and elective lectures are offered that clearly extend the basics of a Bachelor and prepare the students for the requirements in industry as well as in research.

This English Master’s degree is based on the Bachelor’s degree in Natural Language Processing and deepens the knowledge of the subject. The students deal with the structure of natural languages from a syntactic, semantic, morphological and phonetic point of view and try to use the knowledge gained to develop new problem solving strategies in the field of language processing.

This program is taught in English and is a hybrid. It is jointly offered by both departments from the Faculty 5, the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. In contrast to the Master’s degree program in Computer Science, importance is attached here to the combination of electrotechnical and computer science knowledge.

You can find information on our Bachelor’s degree programs here.