Each module ends with the individual module examinations. These can be graded or not graded, take place orally or in writing and either accompanying the course or at the end of the semester. The exact list of the required examinations for each module can be found in the module handbook (in German only). The following abbreviations thereby apply:

  • PL = examination performance: oral or written final examination at the end of the semester with grade
  • LBP = examination accompanying course: mostly several short tests (written or oral), spread throughout the semester; average grade
  • BSL = graded study performance: can be done like PL or LBP; with grade
  • USL = not graded study performance: like BSL; without grade (only passed or not passed)

In addition Bachelor students must do an orientation examination. This normally comprises two modules specific to the study program and should indicate a possible wrong choice of studies at an early stage. The Bachelor’s degree course is completed with the Bachelor thesis. It is to be taken in the chosen field of study.

Master students may possibly have to complete stipulated modules in addition to the modules of the study program. Stipulations serve the purpose of closing possible gaps in knowledge, since even identical Bachelor degrees from different educational facilities seldom have completely identical contents. The stipulations are informed to the students upon them being admitted and must have been completed by the time the student registers for the Master’s thesis. The Master’s degree is completed with the Master thesis.

Examination registration

You must register within the so-called examination registration timeframe for the relevant examinations for all examinations you wish to take in the course of your study program at the University of Stuttgart. You may not take the examination without registering. The exact details on the examination registration timeframe can be found on the pages of the Examination Office of the University.

The regulations for a possible withdrawal from the examination can be found in the examination regulations specific to the study program.

Examination Committee

All matters specific to the study program to do with examinations, such as, for example, the acknowledgement of performances from past studies, deadline extensions or also withdrawals from examinations shall be regulated by the Examination Committee of the respective study program.